Wooden sensory board


The multisensory wooden board with 10 wooden engraved number cards (1-10)

This one is dedicated to our homeschooling ninja moms and dads. I see you, I hear you, I AM YOU!

Inspired by my children & the teachers at my daughter’s Grade R school (Shout out to Teacher Nicole & Teacher Gladness). I put together a SINGLE mutli sensory tray based on the ACTUAL work our teachers were asking me to do with my children at home. I needed something that was academically accurate, durable, multi functional & could be used over & over in different ways.

The heirloom quality wooden tray is treated with a water-based sealant and compartmentalized into multifunctional units:
1. A counting tray (for playdough counters or acorns from a nature walk)
2. A tray to slot in your engraved wooden numbers
3. A slot to place sensory material such as sand, flour, salt into
4. A dowel pen to practice pencil grip when tracing the wooden cards and using the salt/sand tray
5. An open ended messy play area for practicing numbers & letters on shaving foam, getting those fine motor skills going by making playdough shapes, letters & numbers or displaying items from your treasure hunt.
6. The board can be flipped over & used as an additional messy play surface.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 2 cm