The Willow Wabbits & Bunny Bag Combo


The perfect little edition for Easter this year. A gorgeous bunny and a matching bunny bag to use for the easter hunt and little treasures.

These little bunny wuns are loved all through out Easter and afterwards… Named after my dearest and most darling Willow – Think of Nana from Peter Pan, and thats her…

Not only are they cute to look at, they are a delight to cuddle and hold. Their sweet hand embroidered faces have a soft and endearing look, their petit frame is perfect for cuddling and their soft fluffy scarves are a tactile delight (textures of 100% raw cotton, fleece/fuax fur – I do love the variation of textures on these sweet little Willow Wabbits.





  • Handmade with love in Diepsloot
  • 100% cotton and sythenthic fibres for ears, faux fur and dress
  • Garments for girls are made from synthetich materials – Boy bunnies romper is 100% hand dyed cotton.
  • Approximately 38cm from ears to toes
  • Bag size 17cm x 24cm
  • The pink bunnies in stock all have little pink dresses on

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Pink, Grey