Clearance Sale: Little mermaids – limited edition blue




A frequent request, handmade with love, with her hand embroidered dreamy face, shimmery tail and long dusty pink hair – filled with magic, she is a little girls treasure from oceans deep.

We tried a glitter fabric but it proved a little challenging and was stretchier than planned. The stitches are slightly visible as a result. The light skin mermaid has some light hand sewing on the tail.

Handmade with love, proudly South African…


  • Handmade
  • Hand embroidered face and hand stitched woolen hair
  • Materials: 100% cotton bodies, except for the mid brown which is a polycotton blend.
  • Dimensions: Length 27cm x Wide 12-13 cm at widest part.



Additional information

Skin tone

Liat, Coffee (medium brown), Cocoa Bean (deep brown)