Clearance Sale – Twinkle Dolls Lioness


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So this one is one  I found hard to let go – Like me, she is a strong women, proudly representative, a lioness, she guards and takes care of her family and her dreams, she forges strong relationships and is fierce and strong…

Our beautiful Twinkle doll is handmade with love. ..  She has black hair and is wearing a jumpsuit in purple gingham- she is PROUDLY South African

This gorgeous girl has been kept safely in a storage container, but is now part of a discontinued range. We have changed the style of the feet of our Twinkle Dolls going forward. This is the only reason why she is on our clearance sale list. Grab her while you can

Handmade with love, proudly South African…


  • Handmade
  • Hand embroidered face and hand stitched woolen hair
  • Materials: 100% cotton bodies, except for the mid brown and dark brown which is a polycotton blend.
  • Dimensions: Large doll, Length 50 – 52 cm x Wide 12-13 cm at widest part.

(Note our dolls are washable – Pop doll into a pillowcase tied tight – We dont want it moving around or excess friction in the wash. Then place into the washing machine followed by a spin dry to get rid of excess water, dry flat in the sun on a laundry rack)