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Primrose the Unicorn is a magical friend who was born in the mind of a 3 year old and brought to life by her mama. This is where our journey began.

These dolls were blank dolls kept away in storage for months – but Gcobisa’s talented hands brought these blanks to life and we are so proud to have them as part of our clearance sale…

With her long candy floss hair, princess tulle dress, beautiful face and heart full of kindness and love, this mythical doll is a best seller that has become the most sentimental and treasured piece off the little girls who have received her. Made in small batches only, this large doll is a treasure for any princess.


Large doll: 60cm from horn to legs.  Made from 100% raw cotton – the brown flecks on the fabric is from the raw cotton seed. Her bodice is 100% cotton, skirt and wool hair are synthetic.

Note that the dress provided is as pictured.

In the event of your doll becoming soiled, this intricated doll can be popped into a washing machine – tie hair and place in pillow case and spin try – shape while damp. This however should be the exception and not the norm.

(Note our dolls are washable – Pop doll into a pillowcase tied tight – We dont want it moving around or excess friction in the wash. Then place into the washing machine followed by a spin dry to get rid of excess water, dry flat in the sun on a laundry rack)