Bubbles the boy monkey in rust overalls


This a personal favorite of mine – Treat your little ones and their nursery to the company of the friendliest monkey around – Bubbles the sweet monkey – Just like his name suggests, he loves laughter and tight cuddles and adventures with his best friend in far away imaginative places. And when the day is done, he promised to give the best snuggles at bed time.

Hand sewn with love in our townships, his sweet face is hand embroidered and he is made from 100% raw cotton. He wears hand dyed cotton overalls . This is a durable doll and can be popped into washing machine after long adventures, spin dry – Wash romper separately.


  • Handmade
  • Hand embroidered face
  • Materials: 100% raw cotton – flecks in fabric is from crushed cotton seed
  • Hand dyed rust romper made from 100% raw cotton (wash separately)
  • Dimensions: Length 26cm x Wide 10 – 12 cm at widest part – Image of dolls in the arms of my 6 year old child


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