Our Story

"Mommy", said sweet Little Red,"Can you make me a unicorn?" ... and so began our magical journey...

ON A Mission of Love

Inspired by the wonder of her own children and the little girl within (a.k.a. Charlie), founder, Charlene Stothers aims to hand-craft her way into the hearts of many. With no two dolls alike, her unique and lovable hand crafted creations encapsulate the magic of childhood, imagination, playful delight and that special kind of love that exists between a child and those who love and nurture them….

But the magic doesn’t stop there. We are on a mission, not only to do what we love, but to use what we love as a vehicle of kindness and hope. For every doll sold, a donation will be made to feed a child for a week or to give much needed care to children with cancer.


treasures of Love

We know that when you buy one of our handcrafted dolls, much heart and consideration has been given to your decision. Our creations are entrenched in the magic of childhood and are tokens of a special kind of love that exists between a child and those who love and nurture them. It is a special kind of love, and we get it. With each doll being lovingly handcrafted, and no 2 dolls alike, we like to think of our dolls as heirlooms of love that are magical friends today and beautiful keepsakes for tomorrow.


charlie's Story

Best described as a creative dreamer, Charlene’s dream began at a time when imaginative adventures were lived through Enid Blyton books, dreams could be had and anything was possible. Off-course as time passed, the dream was shadowed by grown up ambition and responsibilities. But be that as it may, the magic still lingered . . .

The glow of the embers of Charlie Loves was “accidentally” fanned during a difficult time of the pain of the loss of one Charlene loved so dearly. It was during this time that sweet and unassuming Little Red asked for a Unicorn Doll. The little girl within (a.k.a. Charlie) was awakened and a world of creativity became a comforting distraction. The small sweet arms of 3 year old “Little Red” and 1 year “Little Snow” brought inspiration, hope and purpose. Life was precious, relationships mattered and Charlene knew it … her loss awakened her to a life of purpose and she also knew that like herself, there were many others who were hurting. Living for more was not an option. As a stay at home mom, she looked to what she had, and started there . . . with a dream and a few pieces of fabric.

The more she created, the more she found herself lost in a familiar and wonderful world of playful delight, imagination and creativity . . . It brought such delight to Charlene and her own children, that she was all too eager to share this world with you through her creations…

our dreams & VALUES

Handmade is the best kind

Handmade quality is the core of our ethos - Our dolls are not mass produced. They are Charlene's original designs, lovingly handcrafted by Charlene and where possible, with the assistance of Charlies angels from townships in Jozi.

family & RElationships matters

A core part of why we do what we do is for our children, and we know you do to. It is a special kind of love, and we get it. We hope that our treasures provide a heirloom of love, that unique gift and special companion for your child... that will be treasured forever.

a heart for all children

Mother Teresa said a life not lived for others is not a life. Giving back is a key part of our core values and we do so out of grateful hearts and love. A portion of every sale goes towards feeding a child in need or raising awareness about childhood cancer. It is our priveledge to support JAM South Africa and CHOC South Africa.

Local is lekker

Born in Jozi Mzanzi, we are proudly South African. Wherever possible, we source locally and enlist the support of local talent in disadvantaged communities.

Empowering women

We train and provide fair trade work for women in impoverished communities, so that they can grow their own careers, community and take care of their families by staying close to home.