We like to think of the doll you are considering buying, or the one that you already hold in your hands as more than “just” a doll but a handmade treasured gift of love. Not only is it a token of your love meant to bring delight to a dear little heart, but it also gives back. With each doll sold, we also reach out in our hurting communities to provide a meal to a hungry child or care for hurting children. Your doll also helps creates employment and is a vehicle to provide the opportunity for skills transfer and empowerment in our local townships.

Our vision of social significance

As far as possible, the vision is to create beautiful things in our townships and not factories – where we cannot sustain this, we ask for help. It hasn’t been an easy choice and takes many hours, but through our programme, from March 2018 to present, we have engaged with and up-skilled 9 ladies from the townships of Diepsloot and Katlehong. Not bad for a stay at home mum with an investment capital of zero. Some ladies have stayed and some have left, but our hearts are always warm, knowing that we planted a seed – that if just nurtured, can blossom into something beautiful. 

Thank you for your support - Every day is a step in faith and we truly cannot do it without you.
Love Charlie

A success story

Meet Mpho – Our rising star – all the dolls she is holding are dolls that she helped me to make. Not only is she talented, but her determination makes her such a beautiful example of self empowernment.  From the money made from working with Charlie Loves, she bought her very own domestic sewing machine. She is now able to sew from her home in Diepsloot while taking care of her 3 children. In this photo she was pregnant with twin boys who were born in June 2019. Every order helps. 

Why did I embark on this journey of love?

Because its what a loving God would have us all do – John 13. This journey started at one of my lowest lows, retrenched at 9 months pregnant, my sense of significance and value plummeted – a few months later, life threw me another blow as I was filled grief over the loss of one so dear to me. I questioned life. But Gods love for a broken person picked me up. We are not alone, and its amazing what what happens when a loving God uses your pain to impact others for better. Soli Deo Gloria. 


We have signed a MOU and have verbal agreements with Joint Aid Management (JAM) and J29. JAM feed millions of children daily and J29 provide meals, day care, education, clinic visits and care to orphans in Katlehong. 

A portion of each sale is made on your behalf to these two incredible organizations – for social proof of donations follow our stories and feed on Instagram and Facebook.

our Behind the scenes VLOG at j29